10,000 Cultists Gather for Supernatural War CULTISTS is a collection of 100% HAND-DRAWN characters created by fantasy illustrator and IBM artist Andrew Thompson, with hundreds of elements inspired by your favorite animation, video games, and horror movies. 10,000 editions are summoned to the Ethereum blockchain, spanning THREE different warring cults!


0.0666 ETH each


Limit 5 Per Wallet

The Plotting 10,000 CULTISTS will be released for .0666 ETH. Hidden among the Cultists are ten ARCHONS, who grant their owners special pre-sale access to THREE ultra-rare fine art drops this spring. Stage 1: The True Believers A behind-the-scenes collection of early CULTIST sketches will be randomly airdropped to Community mods, early supporters, fan artists, and those who helped grow the cult. ONE ULTRA-RARE 1-of-1 ARCHON WILL BE RANDOMLY GIVEN AWAY. Stage 2: A Bloom of Nightmares In the winter, wallets containing three or more Cultists can mint a FREE Nightmare, designed by Andrew Thompson. Limited to 1 per wallet. Only 3,333 Nightmares can ever be minted. Stage 3: A Rift in the Ether Appears! ...we drop a stunning new collection of contemporary graffiti by artist and Olympian speedskater Jeffrey Swider-Peltz as the CULTISTS world changes into something new and unrecognizable. Owners of ARCHONS get automatic white-list access to this one-of-a-kind graffiti art drop, and the exact sales time will only be revealed to members of the CULTISTS discord!
It's a Fine Art Spring Possession of a CULTIST's ARCHON automatically whitelists you for pre-sale of our spring '22 fine art collections:
Street art by Jeffrey Swider-Peltz Portrait by Inti St. Clair Collage by Karyna McGlynn
Contemporary street art by artist and speed-skater Jeffrey Swider-Peltz
Portraits from world-renowned photographer Inti St. Clair! You do not want to miss the amazing collection she's working on.
Collage from multi-disciplined master Karyna McGlynn, timed with the release of her next poetry book: 50 THINGS KATE BUSH TAUGHT ME ABOUT THE MULTIVERSE
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